9 Examples of Inbound Real Estate Marketing That Will Bring You Customers

Prepare and prepare well to apply inbound real estate marketing in your business . From now on, real estate agencies and agents that use real estate content marketing , (that is, Inbound marketing), are the ones that will capture the best clients and those that will bill the most in this sector, regardless of the country in which you are .

If you want me to tell you otherwise, or you learn how to do inbound marketing or you will remain a mediocre agent or agency. I say mediocre, and don’t be offended by my words, because if you’re not implementing real estate inbound marketing strategy right now, you run a mediocre business . Yes you will make sales, but you are still mediocre. Today, inbound marketing is what distinguishes the professional real estate agent, from the mere commission agent, intermediary, beginner and mediocre.

The inbound real estate marketing has strongly come to the real estate sector and those who are using right now were pleasantly surprised at the results they are getting, especially because it is great for capturing properties at market price and exclusive.

The content marketing is the kind of marketing that has exploded tremendously last year and will continue to grow rapidly, simply because it’s what customers want to buy services or products in any sector.

I will not give statistics, just mention that in just 2 years the number of online companies that are dedicated “exclusively” to provide inbound marketing services for any sector has increased more than 100% and specialized companies of this type are beginning to appear In the real estate sector. At the moment I know 3 companies in Mexico, 1 in Spain, 1 in Colombia and 1 in Argentina.

| What you need to know about Inbound Marketing.

These companies specialized in Inbound real estate marketing have appeared for 2 reasons:

1.- because the online market demands it . In all sectors last year’s investment in Inbound marketing has grown enormously, to such an extent that more than half of the budget that large companies invest invests in inbound marketing.

2.- Inbound marketing in the real estate sector has grown, because preparation is necessary to create and offer relevant content. Sadly, some real estate agents remain anchored in the past or are not in the job of investing time in improving or simply do not have the capacity, (or the desire to learn), the keys to inbound marketing

This important technique is only applied by professional real estate agents. A recruitment method requires more effort, dedication and strategy, and as a result allows them to sell a greater amount of real estate in less time.

I think it is convenient to explain here in a simple way what is Inbound marketing, real estate content marketing or attraction marketing. Three names for the same concept

| What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing for real estate is a strategy that is based on attracting customers with useful, relevant content and adding value at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing does not need to strive to attract the attention of potential customers, since by creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal clients, you will attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your business.

Why should you know the techniques of inbound real estate marketing islamabad property


Simply, because it allows you to build trust with high quality potential clients that demonstrate an active interest in your real estate or your real estate service. A much needed trust and credibility in this sector.

Let’s see next 9 examples of Inbound real estate marketing that will help you tremendously to attract more customers and close more sales.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 1: Create a Real Estate Blog.

The real estate blog is the best way to apply real estate content marketing. A real estate blog will generate much more traffic and better quality to your website than your real estate or any other factor.

But there is more, you will drastically increase the number of requests for information you receive through your website, if you publish only 1 quality article in your blog per week.

And let’s not say if you promote each of those articles on your company Facebook page for 7 days to the right target audience. Some of my students and clients do it and have realized the quality of the contacts they receive each month. Sometimes surpassing the 10 people of which an average of e8 ends up buying a property. Not bad for an investment of less than $ 300 dollars a month.

The important thing in a real estate blog is the quality of the tips, recommendations and tricks that you provide to your potential clients.

The more educational your blog is, and the more frequently you update it with new content, the more likely you are to become the real estate agency or agent that your online client first knows, (since it helps your website’s SEO) and comparing it to others in your area choose you.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 2: Create Infographics.

As good as written content may be, people don’t always have the time, (or desire) to sit down and consume 2,000 words about words on an interesting topic they want to know more about.

Sometimes, your potential customer just wants a quick snapshot of useful data ideally presented in an aesthetically pleasing format .

In addition, if the information you are sharing is especially valuable, for example, a list of tips to save money when buying or selling a house, there is a great possibility that your infographic will generate a considerable stir on Facebook or other social networks.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 3: Publish White Papers.

One of the best real estate marketing inbound tricks that few know. A White Paper is a document in the form of a guide whose function is to try to explain to users how to solve a problem or help them understand a certain topic.

Although they are often confused with ebooks, White Papers are more oriented to the B2B market and, rather than dealing with a generic issue, seek to provide solutions to problems or to investigate more broadly the subject to be treated.

These White Paper are excellent for attracting customers when you sell offices, premises, warehouses or lots of land.

My clients use them in their inbound marketing strategy and the results are excellent. You can sell an office building , for example, in less than 6 months. We have already achieved it twice; in Panama City and in Bogotá.

While a blog post is your weekly assignment, a technical document is your final work; since potential clients who download this type of technical document expect greater degrees of rigor, depth, originality and value.

In addition, the presentation of the White Papers is an important part for them to appreciate and read. The key advantage of this type of technical document on a blog post or an infographic is that, in addition to providing value to your potential clients, it is one of the best means of generating quality information requests. In my experience it is the best real estate marketing adapted to Inbound.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 4: Publish an Information Guide.

It is the strategy of real estate marketing of contents that is most used in the sector, both to attract customers; as to capture exclusive properties.


It is an excellent inbound marketing medium to develop a real estate brand. Perhaps the best means of inbound for real estate developers.

Like the White Paper, these informative guides or ebooks are offered for free download in exchange for an email, and then send a sequence of emails.

Content quality, focus, and interior and cover design are essential for these ebooks to download. Writing these ebooks takes time and knowledge about copywriting and what concerns the buyer or owner of a property.

Some of our clients have obtained more than 3,000 visits to their website, (where the information guide download page is located), in less than 30 days, with more than 400 downloads and more than 50 requests for information in those 30 days of which some of them ends in sales or in exclusive acquisition of real estate.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 5: Publication of Real Case Studies. 

Another inbound real estate marketing strategy that gives excellent results is the promotion of testimonials from satisfied customers with your real estate service.

These testimonies can be published in story format (no interviews or simple testimonials) or in video format. The latter are the best. They are not easy to get; since the satisfied client must be involved in the writing of the story or participate in the video, but they are an excellent tool for content real estate marketing .

I have seen some of these stories and videos of English real estate agencies that operate in the Spanish and Portuguese market and are really good. They are the best means to build credibility and trust.

The real estate developers are the ones who would obtain the highest performance with this Inbound Marketing technique to do real estate marketing.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 6: Teach a Webinar.

Those who know me know that I teach a monthly Webinar for my followers and to attract new clients. This inbound real estate marketing strategy always gives results. Nothing like talking in person with your potential clients that are different geographical areas.

Perhaps it is the real estate inbound marketing strategy that is more difficult to apply in the real estate sector, but some agencies are already using it and some promoters to attract clients abroad.

Creating a real estate Webinar is not difficult, you just need the right software that a company that provides a Webinar service generally provides, learn some presentation techniques and learn how to promote these events online.

Last year we helped organize 2 a real estate Webinar for a real estate agency in Santa Marta, Colombia, which was going to participate in the Bogotá Real Estate Exhibition. The assistance to the 2 Webinar was higher than expected and this agency was able to close more than 20 sales weeks later in the Real Estate Exhibition

The Webinars served to generate expectation and credibility in the agency and in the real estate that it sold.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 7: A Podcast.

I do not know why, but this inbound real estate marketing strategy is having a very good reception , although we are in the beginning of podcasts becoming popular. They are very popular in the education sector, but I did not expect that podcasts were a means of real estate inbound marketing with such good expectations.

Recording advice and recommendations addressed to your clients and offering their access in exchange for an email is the way podcasts are being used in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

In the Hispanic world I only know the case of a real estate agency in Mexico City that included podcasts in some of his blog articles, to discover that those articles with podcasts were the most visited. Therefore, they decided to use podcasts as a means apart from the blog and for now they are doing well.

According to Google Analytics, the page of your website where podcast access is the one that receives the most visits and through it they get some information requests.

Like the webinar, the podcast format allows you to add a certain personality to your real estate agency.

An episode of 30 minutes a week is all that is needed to become an attractive real estate brand to which potential clients come during the time they are looking for a property, (an average of 3 months) or when they want to sell their home.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 8: A Series of Videos.

After the blog, a series of videos on the best inbound real estate marketing strategy you can create. It works like a charm, videos are easy to record and are highly effective in real estate.

It’s not about bringing public to your YouTube channel. This content real estate marketing strategy goes further. It is used as an integral element in a real estate sales funnel as an alternative to ebooks or information guides, which can be recorded in a series of videos aimed at owners or potential buyers.

The potential of the video is huge. It is growing and attractive, and most importantly, it is effective.

Although your written content should be long, the content of the videos should be 2-3 minutes and which are accessed when the interested party leaves you the email. You have to remember here that I don’t mean promotional videos on Facebook. These videos should be about 15 seconds long whose objective is to capture the attention to take the interested party to another page where they can have access to this series of videos on different topics that interest your target audience.

Why not direct them directly to your YouTube channel? Because it should give a sense of exclusivity; of information that is only provided to a certain type of people.

| Inbound Marketing Example # 9: Search Engine Optimization.

What better way to finish this guide on the real estate and Inbound Marketing sector than with what makes the previous eight more effective?

SEO is a general term in itself, which refers to the set of practices that an agent, real estate agency or developer can use (and should) use to make its content more visible on the search engine results pages.

No matter how interesting your articles, your information guides, your podcasts or videos are, unless your prospects can actually find it in the organic search results. That means that all of your inbound marketing material appears in the first 50 search results for different keywords.

Of course, you can invest in advertising to promote this content; But SEO allows both old content (even years), and new content to appear in search engines easily over and over again.  You will achieve this if you create high quality content and optimize it with the right keywords.

Remember that customers do not visit real estate websites that do not know they exist and if, when they visit them, they only find a sales approach, (we sell, rent, our services, contact us, who we are, etc.), and little advice, informative recommendations, videos and podcasts, a blog, etc. They will leave the site quickly.

You already know how to implement inbound marketing for the real estate sector . You have several alternatives and you don’t have to use them all, just put one of them into practice, (imagine putting in practice 2 or 3!), To verify that you get more visits and consequently more contacts through your website and social networks .

This is the essential, what you need to know about Inbound Marketing in real estate.

| The real estate sector and Inbound Marketing.

It is clear that the fact that real estate agents have to generate all this type of content is what has made a big difference between professional agents and beginners or non-professionals, since the latter flee since they are not prepared to assume such role in their careers.

Inbound Marketing to do real estate marketing involves investing time , as well as knowledge about copywriting, the use of keywords or keywords and something even more important, knowing how to choose the topics that will interest potential clients.

This type of content real estate marketing strategies , although it brings with it additional work in the weekly programming of the real estate agents, the stimulus and results for the real estate agents that use it is enormous.

In addition, it is a great help to make the sale of properties easier, since it is basically the best way to attract customers, because the fact of offering information that is helpful to them attracts that particular agent.

The inbound real estate marketing is crucial both to attract customers, to capture exclusive properties and market price. To change the mentality of the owners that the exclusive is the best way to sell and that their property will be being marketed by professional real estate agents.

We would like to know your opinion about this article. Do you think that Inbound Marketing would shorten the sale time of your properties in capital smart city? Do you think the information guides would help the owners to better choose the agent to work with? Your opinion interests us. We would appreciate it if you shared this article with your colleagues by profession. Thank you.