7 beneiftes of server colocation

While using colocation services have become More common every day, many businesses still decide to host their services in house. What are the top 10 reasons why a business should make the move to a datacenter that is neighborhood and utilize colocation services? NetSource, a provider of colocation providers from the Chicago suburbs, supplies some of the reasons businesses move to a colo facility.

1) Layout / Infrastructure: colocation hosting examples facilities are constructed To specifications and criteria to meet with the needs of the high-tech hardware. Datacenters are built with conditioned power, cooling (HVAC), Generators, safety systems and many different factors which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Professionals 24/7/365 monitor these systems. Businesses are able to benefit from this rather than trying to sponsor their own equipment in a less than desired place.

colocation hosting examples

2) Risk Management: Having your data at a Safe off-site Location is a superb way to manage your own business risks if you are currently hosting your principal data in your office location. Many companies use datacenters as their”disaster recovery” location so that they could recover from a significant event at their office. Many companies decide to utilize the datacenter for copies and recovery as their workplace and the location. For particular types of businesses it’s a requirement to produce a full disaster recovery (DR) strategy to show how they will recover information they are hosting for their clients.

mind. This means that most centers have N+1 redundancies built into the infrastructure such as power, cooling, bandwidth, and media. At many office locations that are conventional it may not be possible to execute this type of redundancy, and can be extremely high, once it is the costs.

4) Bandwidth: Earning 100 mbps of bandwidth might be Hard at an office place. Try earning a 1 gbps or 10 gbps and it might be impossible. Add a redundant line by a different provider and I believe that you can see the way the costs start to accumulate. Datacenters have bandwidth pipes plus they get connections . This provides you many advantages for a portion of the cost. Use the datacenter’s economy of scale and you will get better service for less cost in most cases.

5) Safety: Datacenters by are build to be secure by nature. Datacenters also have safety features built into them when the centre has been designed and are currently protecting millions of dollars of hardware. For example, a datacenter may have biometric or key card access and controlled entry into specific areas of the construction. Datacenters have 24/7/365 security camera surveillance and personnel on-site protecting the gear. It is hard to find this level of security and your clients may require datacenters are usually the best option when you add in security certifications that are certain.

6) Compliance / Certifications: Many companies attempting To do in-house hosting may overlook certain certifications their customers may need. Several organizations will need to prove an audit may be required to show this and they are currently protecting. Datacenters already hold these certifications and this may save companies thousands of dollars each year. Duties like Safe Harbor, PCI, HIPAA, and SSAE16 Type II are just a few of the items that could be required when hosting a customer’s data. Hosting in a colocation provider can make the process of being licensed much simpler by allowing auditors to review certificates.

7) Price: Creating and managing a small datacenter can Be very costly. Is it worth the expense when it, to Construct your own datacenter Might not be as reliable as a local colocation facility? You need to factor in The price of maintenance but also not only the infrastructure. When you Factor in the costs to gain certifications which may be required you can Save enormous amounts of cash when you host with a local datacenter instead of hosting in-house. It is hard to determine how much cash you risk to lose If you are currently hosting in an site that is unreliable.