Top trends of funky suspenders

The products

For this private back-to-school sale, we took the entire male dressing room and thought about what we needed. By observing our previous operations, we realized that we had offered you too few underwear. Knowing that the man is still reluctant to spend tens of euros to buy funky suspenders, we looked for cool and affordable models. In parallel, we offer bow ties, ties, belts and swim shorts in the purest preppy style of the brand. We give you more details on each of the following products:

  1. Boxers and boxers

The first two briefs that we present to you are relatively classic. Bicoloured, the first is adorned with pink stripes and a blue belt while the second is dressed in blue stripes and a red belt. Our Breton origins prompted us to select a third model sporting sea anchors on a white background, its water green belt giving the whole room a sweet summer scent. The last boxer short of the list is intended for those who, in their childhood, preferred to draw on their clothes rather than on a blank page. By partnering with Balibart, an online poster sales site, Dagobear offers us the opportunity to personalize our pants with three colored markers. And no chance that mom will scold us this time!

As for boxers, we have also selected four different models. The first two are relatively classic and have a plain dress, either navy or black. Their elastic is royal blue with two thin white stripes and the logo in the middle. The other two use the color code of the first two pants. So one is striped red and the other striped blue. Each model is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane for absolute comfort!

Four colors for underpants and boxers

funky suspenders

100% cotton boxer shorts

Boxers in 95% cotton and 5% elastane

American cut boxer shorts

5 sizes available: S / M / L / XL / XXL

  1. Swimwear

While the summer holidays are, for many, practically over, summer has still some nice days to offer before leaving us. Many of us then take advantage of a corner of sand or a body of water to capture the last rays of a late afternoon sun after a day of work. The piece that will be essential for us to take advantage of these last moments of summer relaxation is undoubtedly the swimsuit. Shunned for a long time, it is today the main piece of our summer wardrobe.

Dagobear understands this and offers no less than twelve versions of his swim shorts. For this operation we have selected four. The first is reminiscent of the brand’s underpants: the legs are navy striped and the belt is dressed in a green color. The second is filled with red circles contrasting with the green belt. Once put on, the next one will make us totally invisible with its print showing the bottom of a swimming pool. It is topped with a green belt. Finally, the latest model is the result of a collaboration between the brand and Hine, the famous cognac house founded in 1763. Obviously, it is decorated with red deer (emblem of the house) and a bottle of white cognac, all on a blue background.