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funky suspenders

Suspenders were born in the 1820s, due to the fashion for wearing pants with high waist, impractical. Made of a simple sheet in popular circles or of more precious materials from the bourgeoisie, funky suspenders were a practical accessory at the time. But over time, the two two-fabric bands have become real fashion accessories. The suspenders have however lost followers in recent years, in particular due to the fact that the pants are worn lower.


By Rody says “the redhead”, August 27, 2017 (article updated on September 08, 2017)

When the start of the school year begins to appear on the horizon, a curious mania takes us irreparably: a need to change everything. A new pair of shoes, a new jacket, a new bag, etc. The period lends itself each year to the game of change. Only here, some parts of our dressing room are unfairly shunned during this great renewal: accessories. This may seem logical because we wear a tie less quickly than a pair of sneakers but accessories are essential parts of our outfits. Another product often neglected by the male gender: underwear. Often bought in a pack of twelve, our dear underwear often lack originality and display the overly classic navy blue, black and gray. For this twenty-fourth private sale, we therefore partnered with Dagobear in order to put some cheerfulness in our pants, but not only:


Suspenders: € 35 € 24.5 | Bow tie: € 35 € 24.5

The brand

Dagobear’s story begins in an unusual way. Adrien and Alexis, the two founders, participate in a dinner with friends in 2011. And more particularly between friends. During this Tupperware meal meeting, one observation struck the two men: the women discussed easily (and at length) their underwear. They had an idea: why shouldn’t men do the same? Why shouldn’t they have the right to nice underwear too? This is how the “king bear” was born. Adrien and Alexis then aimed to dust off the men’s underwear by wearing boxers, shorts and socks in beautiful colors in order to offer products likely to appeal to men and women. The brand’s pep also extends to other accessories such as bow ties, ties, belts but also swimsuits. Something to brighten up your wardrobe!


By Tony says the “concrete mixer”, October 09, 2013 (article updated on March 30, 2017)

Even when you live in Paris, going to the tourist on the Trocadero side in front of the Eiffel Tower, it has something exhilarating. Mixing with tourists for a moment, not being completely part of this city, rediscovering what we pass every morning with new eyes remains a pleasant experience. At the end of the day, the lights know how to give a particular charm to the city and its monuments, we took the opportunity to go stroll on the Esplanade du Troca ‘between the tourists who were waiting for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle and the street vendors who waited for the tourists to drop a few tickets. Dressed in Parisian – slightly oversized jacket, suspenders, rolled up jeans – I strolled on one of the most visited esplanades in the world.

Tony col

Tony Iena

Tony bitten lips

Tony jeans

Small round glasses a little intellectual, white shirt and striped suspenders give me this timeless air of the Parisian student who comes out of his philosophy course at the Sorbonne or so this air of Gavroche ready to animate the streets of Paris or ready to fight to overthrow the July monarchy.

These pants-like jeans – very discreet tone-on-tone stitching, matte black button, no rivet – deserves no belt. Slightly rolled up, the bottom of the jeans goes perfectly with this pair of derbies inspired by dance slippers.