KAPTAR! Pest Control Team

We here at KAPTAR Environmental pest control cda know what we are up against and what should we do to protect our client. We here have the latest technology like Controlled Droplet Application, which is used to save money of the client as much as it can and along with this help to protect them too. It helps in growing the crops without the risk of getting infected and along with this the rotary motor mechanism helps to minimize the quantity of the spray and stops it from converting into vapor. It uses micro-liquid drops known as Ultra Low Volume Droplets in spraying which not only covers the area of the crop fully but also gets to the bottom of the crop. Most of the time when you call us we first analyze all the field and after that, we use the pesticide spray because most of the time the pests are hidden in the layers of the soil and if they are not properly treated then they damage the whole of the field i.e. demoralize the property’s value. This is not acceptable because it will not only damage the property value but also if someone tries to construct on the property then the pests will eat the wood of the house from the bottom to the top so, it is not safe for construction nor for plantation. So, what you need to do is to call us without wasting any time and let us handle the situation before it gets any worse. We promise that we’ll help you get rid of all your worries and problems.

Our Team:

We believe in our team because they are not only the best but also are professionally trained. They know when to and how to take care of the client, his family and his home, etc. when doing a pesticide spray. The spray if inhaled can cause lung cancer because it posses dangerous chemicals like Abamectin, Cyfluthrin, Fipronil, Permethrin, Bifenthrin, Hydramethylnon, Pyrethrum, Boric Acid, etc. We don’t just go and start spraying but we do tests, we analyze the situation and after that we launch our actionable stance. Our process is much better and effective than that of others because they firstly don’t know anything about safety, we on the other hand are certified and licensed Kaptar Environmental Pest control CDA.  You can easily trust on us because when we come to work then we give you 30 days of warranty and along with this if we do rotatory service then we give 90 days of service, and this means that pests won’t return in such time and if they do we’ll not only help you sort out the matter but we’ll do it for free. Our service is the best in the area and no one can compare with that of ours, we know when to give our best to help you sort out the problem at your hand. We do everything by keeping mother nature in mind i.e. whether it is the buying of pesticides or buying of equipment etc. We do this all to save the environment because we know when the pesticides evaporate, they could cause havoc such as acid rains.