M & R Durango Plumbers! We Fix It

Whenever you face a problem of plumbing or need fixtures regarding plumbing then the Durango plumbers are the choice to go because they are the best having experienced staff and a team of professionals with 30 years of experience. Durango Plumbers services for both residential and commercial areas i.e. whatever you face a problem regarding plumbing or drainage system you Call us. Our team is equipped with every tool they need to do work smoothly and easily without giving any inconvenience to owners. We are available 6 days a week. We work on Saturdays too.

Leaks in the heating systems can be dangerous if not treated properly, but it’s not a big deal for us we over the years have faced a lot of problems regarding this and there isn’t any that we weren’t able to solve. You just give us a call and leave the rest to us.

Just imagine how these little problems give us stress that when our kitchen is clogged, we won’t be able to wash the dishes and the smell it’s hideous. The same is the case with the drains of a shower. They when clogged then we won’t be able to take a bath nor can use the toilet. That is the main reason we suggest everyone that if they see signs of clogging in the washroom or anywhere then call us immediately because if the problem gets worse then it’ll not only take a lot of time for cleaning this but also would take a lot of money.

M & R Plumbing Solutions can solve any problem related to plumbing. We have professional staff with 30 years of experience that can open toilet drains, sewer lines, onsite septic systems, can clean kitchen drains, etc. commercially and residentially.  We have all the necessary equipment and tools to perform our jobs effectively i.e. if the problem is minor then we can clean using sewer-snake type equipment and if it is bigger and difficult to remove then we can use the powerful hydro-jet machine. One can say how we would know about the type of the clog i.e. whether it can be removed easily or not and to answer that we say that we have our in-pipe video inspection capabilities which tell us exactly what we are up against. If it is repairable then we prefer to repair it instead of changing it, but sometimes things have reached their life-span limit and there is no way to repair them then and only then we replace the damaged equipment.

Remember If you are living in Durango Colorado then surely you have heard of Durango Plumbers. We are the best in the market. Please give us a chance for the inspection of your newly bought home or the home you are living in. If there is any sort of problem we’ll let you know and make you a report of the problem, its solution, and the cost that it will take to fix and if you like the proposal give us a green signal and then leave the rest up to us.